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A waterfall of flavours

Flavourstream – Naturestream

Naturestream is a range of products that add smoky, bouillon and BBQ notes to any final food , food blends and  flavourings. The products can be used in meat emulsions, brines for meat, herbs, spices, seasonings, soups, sauces, dairy, ready ... Read more

Flavourstream – Smokestream

FLAVOURSTREAM also market a range of specialized smoke flavours, where quality and high safety margins have key focus. This range of products does cover all needs for smoking meat, fish and poultry outside and inside and are developed to match ... Read more

Flavourstream – Goldenstream

This product range is made from flash cooking of dextrose. This unique product called Goldenstream is able to cross link proteins and add a unique brown and golden natural colour to any food product. The colour is a reaction colour ... Read more