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About us

Smoke flavourings have become a massive trend in the food industry. Predominately used to flavour and brown meats and plant-based meat replacers, in snack foods, seasonings, flavours, sauces, cheeses but also in the sweet segment like in dessert and beverage formulations. These flavourings are not only used to add a smoky flavour in the final food, but also to work as a flavour enhancher and to add umami taste notes. In Europe approx. 40 % of all smoked foods are smoked with smoke flavourings. The percentage is significant higher in the Western Hemisphere, and it is growing worldwide, not only in the meat sector. There is also a significant higher interest to use smoke flavourings for their anti-microbial properties. A trend that will grow in order to help handle bacterial out-breaks in the food industry in a more natural way.

Flavourstream is manufacturing and supplying a very large range of high quality smoky flavourings and browning agents to the meat, fish, poultry, flavouring and seasoning industries worldwide.

Flavourstream has manufacturing sites in Europe and US, and distributes the products directly or via appointed distributors worldwide. We have many years of experience in developing, manufacturing and commercializing these kind of products. 

Flavourstream´s Innovation Center makes sure to support our customers developing exactly the products that fits their needs. It is key to our business to innovate on a very high level, and to follow the trends in the food segment. If you have any questions regarding our company, or our products, then do not hesitate to contact us. We will be at your assistance at all times.

One thing we will not compromise on is our support and service to our customers. We will support our customers to find or develop exactly the right flavour, we will rapidly take care of the paperwork and we will make sure that our customers get their products just in time.



Please watch our video to get a short introduction to our company and innovation team. We are at all times working to improve and upscale our production and innovation center designing new smoky solutions for our customers. Our three key words are INNOVATION, INNOVATION AND INNOVATION.

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