Flavour Stream

Our story

Smoke has been used since the stone age to preserve meat. Dr. Hollenbeck invented in the late 1950s smoke flavourings by condensing traditional wood smoke in cold water. In the following years and decades the research in this field has been significant. A very large part of the smoked foods today are smoked with smoke flavourings. The high quality of the smoke flavourings make sure that the quality of the smoked foods are at least at the same level as smoking with wood fired smoke generators.

We have been in the smoke flavouring and browning agent business for decades. In Flavourstream we have build production and innovation facilities in Europe and US. Our products are sold all over the world in the meat, flavouring and seasoning industries. We have extremely high focus on the technical and functional aspects. We also make sure that our team at all times keep very close contact to our distributors and customers  in order to handle the development work, documents and supplies in the fastest possible way. 

Food processors need companies like Flavourstream to take a bigger responsibility of developing and integrating a final flavour or browning solution in their factories, in order for them to add more ressources in production, sales and marketing.

We also have a background in the distribution segment, so we know how important it is for our customers to have a close contact deep into the R&D department, to get samples and quality information within a few days. We dont deliver your products the day before or the day after. We deliver just in time!