Flavour Stream


Smoke flavourings can be used in meat processing in a number of ways. One of the most common ways is through atomization.  Pressurized air is used to vaporize the condensed liquid smoke to create the same smoke environment in a smokehouse as burning actual wood. This process is similar to traditional smoking, but it is faster and more consistent.

Since the smoke flavouring is free from tar there is no deposits in the pipes and in the chamber, and hence the cleaning costs are significant lower. It is a much healthier alternative to traditional smoking, and easier to fulfill the higher requirements for smoked foods from the EU Commission. Other advantages are faster smoking, less processing time and higher end yields.

Flavourstream can guide you to choose the best product from our range. If you are using smoke flavourings today, we are able to optimize your process with a better alternative. If you are smoking traditionally with wood, we will be happy to guide you through the process, and to perform the first trials at your site with a mobile atomizer. We understand how to adjust the pre-drying period, air velocity, humidity and after drying steps as some of the most important to obtain the best final result.

Summarized, the benefits using smoke flavourings are significant higher yields, shorter processing time, standardized products, healthier smoking profile, lower cleaning costs, lower water consumption, higher hygienic standards due to no woods on site and finally a lower insurance due to no open fire in the production area.

Product details


Product name Browning index Flavour index Dosage Description
Smokestream ROI45 Medium Medium 0,15% Lower but still good browning. Robust hardwood smoky flavour.
Smokestream ROI65 LF High Low 0,10% Very mild smoky flavour.
Smokestream ATO 70 High Medium 0,10% Pleasant and mild smoky flavour.
Smokestream ROI95 HLF Very High Low 0,08% Very fast browning. Mild smoky and meaty flavour.
Smokestream TRAD 95 HB Very High Low/Medium 0,08% Very fast browning. Smoke generator type of flavour.