Flavour Stream


Cook and smoke at the same time! Flavourstream offers smoke flavourings and browning agents that can be added to the cooking water. The cooking water is typically hold at 83-87 degrees Celcius. The meat products like sausages, hams or other delicatessen are kept in the cooking water until they are cooked. During the cooking process a smoked colour will be developed including a balanced smoky flavour. The concentration of the smoke flavour or browning agent in the cooking water is typically between 1-10 % depending on how much colour and flavour is needed on the final product.

Product details


Product name Browning index Flavour index Dosage Description
Smokestream COOK 70 P High Medium Add 1-5 % in the cooking water Pleasant beechwood  type flavour.
Goldenstream 2.0 Medium/high No smoky flavour Add 2-10 % in the cooking water Deep brown colour with no smoky flavour