Flavour Stream

Injection / Tumbling

Marinades, rubs, sauces etc. can deliver a lot of flavour to the surface of meat, but if you really want to get salt or flavor deep into meat, the solution is injecting. Many meat processors routinely inject meats like turkey, chicken and pork at the factory. Injecting, or enhancing, as food processors call it, is the best way to get the flavour and juiciness deep into the product. And it is in fact the only way to get flavours, fats, spices and other large molecules deep into meat. The process is fast and simple with little formation of waste.

The salt in the brine injected helps retain moisture and enhances flavour. Same with sugar in the brine that also flavour the meat, and salt, sugar and eventually the nitrite are responsible for the curing process.

Smoking of meat from the outside does create a gradient of smoky flavour into the product – highest at the surface and lowest or none at the center depending on the size of the meat and the smoking time. Injection of brines added with a smoke flavourings or flavouring with smoky notes leaves a uniform smoky flavour in the whole product.

Flavourstream offers some of the best flavourings for adding smoky flavour into meat, fish and poultry products by injection. Please choose some of the best solutions for your application in the table below.

Product details


Product name Browning index Flavour index Dosage Description
Smokestream TRAD 10 A Medium Medium/high 0,10% Smoke generator type of flavour.
Smokestream ROI 95 HLF 4.5 High Low/medium 0,10% Pleasant beechwood type of flavour.
Goldenstream 2.0 Medium/high No smoke flavour 0,20% Dark brown colour with no smoky flavour.
Naturestream WW66 No browning Medium 0,25% EU natural flavouring. Smoke, smoked meat and bouillon notes. Labelled as "natural flavouring".
Firestream Sweet HW No browning Medium 0,25% Traditionally smoked sugar. Labelled as "smoked sugar".