Flavour Stream

Showering / drenching

Another form of application to smoke meat is the showering/drenching process. That is a process becoming increasingly popular due to the limited time the meat products need to be in contact with the smoke flavouring. Large volumes of meat can be processed in a shorter time compared to the atomizing process, and it is the preferred application method if the meat manufacturer is processing few products with large volumes.

Flavourstream is having a range of high quality products for this application, and we are ready to guide our customers to select the most suitable product. We can also tailor-make a product adjusting the colour and flavour so it fits exactly any specific needs. We have been working with this process for many years, and we can guide through parameters like dilution rate of the smoke flavouring, temperature of the bath, "adding back" amount per hour, acid level for optimal skin formation and finally the drying cooking/steps afterwards.

Showering/drenching methods give opportunity to recycle the smoke flavouring, and since it has been applied before the cooking chamber the cleaning costs for this are minimal.

Product details


Product name Browning index Flavour index Dosage Description
Smokestream DIP&DRENCH 70 P High Medium 0,10% Pleasant and mild beech type smoky flavour.
Smokestream ROI65 LF High Medium 0,10% Smoke generator type of flavour.
Smokestream ATO 70 Low/Medium Medium 0,20% Traditional smoke flavour for cheese applications.
Smokestream ROI95 HLF Very High Medium 0,10% Adding dark brown colour to the product
Smokestream TRAD 95 HB Very High Medium 0,10% Adding dark brown colour to the product.