Flavour Stream

Natural smoky flavourings

The Naturestream range is a unique portfolio of products that fullfills all the requirements to be labelled as natural flavour in EU. The range is available with various carriers like coconut oil, sunflower oil, propylene glycol, maltodextrin and water-soluble.


  • Naturestream is the perfect solution to have smoky notes in the final food – but with natural labelling.
  • Naturestream products add smoky, BBQ, smoked bacon and bouillon notes to the final products.
  • Naturestream products have same dosage as traditional smoke flavourings.
  • Fullfilling all requirements according to the flavour regulation EU Reg. 1334/2008.


  • Seasonings e.g snacks blends
  • All type of savoury flavours
  • BBQ sauces
  • Marinades and rubs
  • Soups both meat and vegetable like tomato, leek, onion etc.
  • Savoury spreads like sandwich spreads
  • Pizza either added in the dough or in the tomato sauce
  • Meat delicatessen
  • Injection tumbling – brines for meat,fish and poultry
  • Meat emulsions
  • Vegan applications
  • Pet foods

Product details


Product name Carrier Dosage Labelling
Naturestream  SO25-50 Sunflower oil 0,125% Natural flavour
Naturestream MC22 Coconut oil 0,35% Natural flavour
Naturestream D28-7P Salt, maltodextrin 0,30% Natural flavour
Naturestream D6-XD Salt, maltodextrin 0,55% Natural flavour
Naturestream WW15 Water, less than 1 % polysorbate 80 0,30% Natural flavour