Flavour Stream


Flavourstream offers a wide range of high quality smoke flavourings for smoking meat, fish, poultry and delicatessen including smoke flavourings for savoury flavours, seasonings, sauces and marinades.

Smoke flavourings


Smoke flavourings are increasingly popular to smoke meat, fish and poultry products and to replace more traditional smoking methods. The advantages using smoke flavourings are numerious compared to traditional smoking. Working with a liquid smoke compared to a smoke vapour, makes it possible to integrate the smoke in the food products in much more cost efficient and clean way.

Smoke flavourings are not made from synthesis or reaction of chemicals. Smoke flavourings are made from natural raw materials like beech, oak woods or other hardwoods. The wood sawdust is heated, just like heating the sawdust for a traditional smoking process. The smoke vapours created from this heating process are dissolved in pure cold water by mixing, and the smoke flavour components are dissolved in the water. The tars that normally will deposit on the walls in a smoking chamber are not water-soluble, so they will  precipitate and be discarded as waste. In that way we can deliver very clean smoke flavourings to our customers.

Having the smoke vapour in a liquid form makes it possible to atomize it into the smoke chambers. When the smoke flavouring enters the smoke chamber having moisture and elevated temperatures, the liquid smoke tranforms into a smoke vapour again. This is why we call it regeneration. So we are adding exactly the same flavour, colour, texture and shelf life as a traditional smoking process.

Furthermore, having a cold water condensed liquid smoke flavouring makes it possible to shower, dip, inject or tumble the smoke flavourings into the meat, fish or poultry products as well. In this way the meat processors have many possibilities to smoke instantly or in a few minutes.

Flavourstream has many decades of experience working with smoke flavourings, and we are able to guide you through every single step of your process. Flavourstream is offering some of the most coloring and flavourfull products in the market. And with our equipment offerings we will make sure to integrate the most efficient smoking process in every single meat processing factory.