Flavour Stream

Smoked ingRedients

The Firestream range covers food ingredients and spices that are smoked traditionally with fresh smoke. Several different wood types can be used to smoke ingredients like salt, dextrose, coconut sugar vinegars, oils and spices like garlic and chili. The smoking time is typically over 8-12 hours to obtain the right flavour and a low dosage in the final application. The various woods add different flavour profiles, so the food manufacturer can choose exactly the flavour that fits the target application. Examples of labelling on the final foods are "smoked salt" or "smoked coconut sugar”.

The various wood species used have a different flavour profiles on the final smoked ingredient:

  • Apple wood – fruity, slighty sweet flavour.
  • Beech wood – mild and round flavour.
  • Cherry wood – sweet and fruity.
  • Maple wood – mild and sweet notes.
  • Mesquite – strong, spicy and earthy flavour.
  • Hickory wood – strong smoky and notes of bacon flavour and sweet notes.
  • Oak wood – medium smoke flavour, between hickory and apple wood.


  • Seasonings for e.g. snack blends.
  • All types of savoury flavours.
  • Plant-based meat replacers.
  • BBQ sauces.
  • Marinades and rubs.
  • Soups both meat and vegetable like tomato, leek, onion etc.
  • Savoury spreads like sandwich spreads.
  • Pizza either added in the dough or in the tomato sauce.
  • Meat delicatessen.
  • Injection brines for meat, sh and poultry.
  • Meat emulsions.

Product details


Product name Dosage Carrier Labelling
Firestream Savoury Beech 3-5 g/kg salt Smoked salt
Firestream Sweet Beech 3-5 g/kg sugar Smoked sugar
Firestream Sweet Smoke C 3-5 g/kg coconut sugar Smoked coconut sugar
Firetream Smoked Vinegar 2-4 g/kg vinegar Smoked vinegar
Firestream G 3-5 g/kg garlic Smoked garlic
Firestream SRP 3-5 g/kg sweet red pepper Smoked sweet red pepper