Flavour Stream

Plant based meat replacers

One of the biggest trends in the food industry is plant-based meat replacers. The search finding suitable and better ingredients and flavourings to immitate the texture and flavour properties of traditionally meat products are intensified significant over the last couple of years. 

Smoke flavourings are playing a key role in those formulas either to mask any off-flavours from the protein sources used, to enhance the overall flavour profile or to add a subtle smoky flavour. Our smoke flavourings and browning agents can also be used to add colour and flavour on the outside using a smoking process that would be used for traditional smoked meat products.

Product details


Product name Labelling Dosage Description
Smokestream ATO 70 Smoke flavouring 0,10% Atomizing - adding brown colour and a low smoky flavour.
Smokestream DIP&DRENCH 70P Smoke flavouring 0,10% Showering/ drenching - adding brown colour and low smoky flavour.
Goldenstream 2.0 Flavour 0,25% Browning agent - deep brown colour with no smoke flavour.
Smokestream S75 NE Smoke flavouring 0,10% Sunflower oil based smoke flavouring.
Smokestream D95 Smoke flavouring 0,10% Smoke powder based on salt and maltodextrin.
Naturestream MC90 (oil based) Natural flavouring 0,030% Smoky, smoked meat and bouillon notes.
Naturestream D95 (powder) Natural flavouring 0,075% Smoky, smoked meat and bouillon notes.
Naturestream WW66 (water-sol) Natural flavouring 0,200% Smoky, smoked meat and bouillon notes.
Firestream range Smoked Ingredients   Please check our traditionally smoked ingredients.