Flavour Stream

Flavourings / seasonings

Flavourstream has a range of concentrated smoke flavourings that are valuable building stones for savoury flavour formulas. Smoke flavourings are complex mixtures where each group of components in the smoke flavouring contribute to the overall flavour profile.

The phenolics are the main contributors to the smoky flavour. But there are significant differences of the flavour inputs from the various phenolic components. The more simple phenolics contribute with pungent and bitter notes. Guaiacol and its derivatives typically express more woody, spicy, phenolic smoke, vanilla, medicinal and clove-like notes. Syringol express more sweet, smoky and balsamic notes while the syringol derivates also express sweeter notes and more coffee, brandy-like flavour notes.

The carbonyls are balancing the flavour from the phenolics by adding a sweeter note, while the organic acids enhance the overall flavour and typically add sour notes. 

Flavourstream has many years of experience suppying smoky flavourings to the flavour and seasoning industries. We can offer various fractions having different flavour profiles. We can offer them as concentrates, or plate them on carriers like vegetable oils, salts, sugars, propylen glycol or any other carrier needed by our customers.

Please contact us for more information of our products for the flavour manufacturing industry, and please also visit our page for EU natural smoke flavourings called Naturestream.

Product details


Product name Labeling Dosage Description
Smokestream A Smoke flavouring 0,005% Concentrated beechwood type of flavour.
Smokestream B Smoke flavouring 0,01% Concentrated traditional smoky flavour.
Smokestream BA50 Smoke flavouring 0,005% Concentrated, smoky, smoked meat notes.
Smokestream S75 NE Smoke flavouring 0,10% Sunflower oil based smoke flavouring.
Smokestream D95 Smoke flavouring 0,10% Smoke powder based on salt and maltodextrin.
Naturestream MC80 (oil based) Natural flavouring 0,015% Smoky, smoked meat and bouillon notes.
Naturestream MC90 (oil based) Natural flavouring 0,030% Smoky, smoked meat and bouillon notes.
Naturestream D95 (powder) Natural flavouring 0,075% Smoky, smoked meat and bouillon notes.
Naturestream WW66 (water-soluble) Natural flavouring 0,200% Smoky, smoked meat and bouillon notes.
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